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This will really depend on how many KWh you are using each month. This figure is usually also shown on your power bill as a daily average. From this, we will know the best number of panels to get the optimum return on your investment.

We are always happy to provide free technical advice any energy saving measures that you might be considering as part of your solar consultation. If there is a specific product that you would like installed then we can include this as part of your system installation.

Ask us about our performance warranty! Although panels are known to last longer than this, by the time they reach their design life its most likely time to change.

You are able to take off the panels and batteries and reinstall on another location if you are moving. Although you will need a licensed contractor, like us, to perform the work. Also, a quality solar system can add to the value of your home or office, so consider this during the process of selling your home.

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